Monday, November 19, 2012

i'm baaaaack...

and it feels so good. so hang on to your hats because this is going to be a long one.

i left you a miss and returning a mrs. is this as crazy for you as it is for me? i feel no different...should i? i guess it is not living in sin, but now just living? what are all these questions about? why do i keep asking you people that aren't even gonna answer? i will stop with the weird talk. better?

truly though, my wedding day was the happiest day of my life. it was beautiful, it was perfect, it was everything i could have asked for. i could not have done it without the help of our family, especially mama bear and papa bear. they are so special to me and the time, effort and love they put into our wedding day was such a blessing. it was all made possible by them.



not only did i come back a married woman, but i come to you as a mama of another fur baby. my new baby sam (as in the great Sam Houston State University) is so sweet. let me tell you though, she is a die hard mama's girl (yes, i am her mama, don't hate). i thought maddie had a serious attachment to me, but now i am thinking that it was my attachment to her that i was mistaking as her fault. this cat (actually she is a dog, but you know how people say "this cat" when referring to someone, i am doing that here. hope this helps clear up any confusion) is serious when it comes to me. never in my life. poor maddie, she is not even allowed to cuddle without sam going postal on her. i took them both to the vet last week, i was holding sam in my arms and maddie on her leash. the tech came over to offer me a hand while i checked in and took sam from me. sam flipped out true sally field "not without my daughter"* style, flinging herself all over the place, throwing her head back, kicking her legs, crying.  i wanted to tell the vet that her daddy taught her that but then it might sound weirder to say that than to just admit that she has attachment issues. but aside from all of that she has stolen my heart. she brings me such joy. having both of my pups makes my heart so full.

moving on. as far as the new house goes, we are LOVING it. it starting to feel like home and i am slowly but surely getting decorations up. i will do a christmas decor post soon.

for right now, i am loving life and a HUGE part is my job with ACS. i work with some of the best volunteers and so blessed everyday to get to share the journey with them. i am absolutely, 100% in the place that God had and has planned for me. my life is so full in abundance of love, happiness, family, friends, and all the "cherry on top" things that make life so sweet. so don't go far, this is only the beginning!

Friday, June 22, 2012

life lately according to my phone pics

 dresses i saw from bhldn that i wanted, but didn't get

 got my wedding earrings from bhldn...can i show these?

 you can't stop at bhldn without going to sprinkles
 new orleans/ kayla's bachelorette party

 the bridesmaids all wore cowboy hats and sashes...super cute idea!

 angela being a tirgress!

and my new table! love it!

i've got lots going on this summer, so stay tuned!

Monday, June 4, 2012

birthday weekend

this past weekend was my 24th birthday. i used to think 24 was old...not so much anymore. i had a great weekend with lots of laughter, love, food and booze, just the way i like it. friday night was a steak dinner, saturday i received an edible arrangement from my love along with my new watch, sunday he treated me to a pedicure and we had a family dinner. tonight we are meeting some friends for yet more food and drinks. i couldn't ask for better people in my life and so thankful they made my birthday so special!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

i felt the burn, and not in a good way

well, my weekend did not go as well as i had hoped and the only person to blame is myself. the weekend started off great, got off of work at 11am...yep, that's right, who'da thought that there are places of employment that believe it work-life balance! i had told Him the week earlier that i was going to buy a blow up pool since he won't get me a real one, little did He know i was serious. so, on my way home from work i picked up one of those $30 pools and put that sucker in the back yard, grabbed my book and blue moon and sat out for about 2 hours.

when He got home he made fun of me and my kiddie pool and then we headed to humble for dinner with our friends josh and sara. needless to say, it was a great start. saturday i had nothing on the books other than to finish my book (pun intended) and fill up my new source of summer fun. got the pool full of water, made myself a glass of wine and read the last few chapters of the mockingjay. when i finished my book, i wasn't ready to go in, so i downloaded 50 shades darker (book 2) and sat there for a few more minutes 4.5...and read while i apparently turned 50 shades redder, not from blushing but from the death rays of the sun. i honestly had no idea that i was really out there for that long until i looked at the clock. upon checking myself in the mirror i could see it was not going to be good. He wanted to run a couple of errands so i grabbed a shower and threw on a maxi dress. by the time we made it to the store i could not bare the touch of the maxi on my legs, i couldn't even walk. i passed a lady and she looked at me in pity saying "GURL, i hope yous gots some lotion at home." we grabbed what we needed along with some aloe gel and headed home. by the time we pulled into the driveway, i was in tears. i have NEVER been in so much pain in my entire life. i was shaking uncontrollably and thought that at any moment my skin was going to just fall right off. after a cold bath, three layers of aloe and lying under a fan full blast, i could find no relief. during the night was the worst, i got no sleep. sunday was bad, i had to skip out on bbqing at His sister's house and sat at home in pain. monday was better and i really needed to get out of the house. still in a reasonable amount of pain i went with my mom shopping and to a movie. today is better and i have a feeling that i might be leaving a nasty trail of dead skin wherever i go...tmi? moral of the story, i might die of skin cancer in about two weeks and at 30 my body will look like that of an 85 year-old while my face should sustain since i was wearing a hat...but then again, i should be dead by then.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


man, where has the time gone? things are finally slowing down and i am finding some inner peace. though there's still a lot that has to be done, i couldn't be happier that we are finally in the house and starting to make it a home. among many things on our list, one of our first priorities was to get the landscaping in good shape. we had a landscaping company come over and get the front flower beds in shape. we plan to take care of it from here, or until more mulch needs to be brought in. from what i gather you have to do this about once every spring...maybe?

here are some photos of the before and after

 this is one of two rose bushes...i had just finished pruning (all technical and shiz) it. it is starting to bloom again.

 going to add another trellis behind it, the current one is jankey.

because it had been neglected, i am manually watering all of my plants every other day. hoping i can get the back into good shape. we are going to add some solar path lights and some uplighting/spotlighting to the front.

any suggestions from all you gardeners out there?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

small update

we have finally moved into our new home and things are settling down! we couldn't be happier. once we have emptied some boxes i will be sure to take pictures and share them here with you. my friend sara, who is getting married this weekend, so kindly offered to throw me a housewarming party. i have a feeling that won't be happening until sometime this summer, too much to do before it is showcase ready ;).

on another note, my new job is going great! lots to learn, but i have a feeling that this was the best choice for me. i leave for kansas city on monday for a week long training. i hate, hate it, so we shall see how that goes.

the wedding planning was put on a hold due to the house, but things should be back on track when i get back from kansas city. the next few steps are booking the coffee bar, getting bridesmaids dresses, picking out tuxes, invitations, various decor and meeting with my florist. yay!

things are happening over here and i couldn't be more excited!  looks like 2012 is going to be a great year. stay tuned!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

bhldn...but first

i would like to submit a formal apology for my last post entitled "hunger games vs twilight", i went back and read it and i was appalled at the amount of grammatical errors. i will be the first to admit there are anywhere from 1-3 errors sprinkled throughout a lone post, but the last post was unacceptable. i have given up trying to fix embarrassing. in college i ALWAYS had to have someone proof-read my work before submitting it. i knew what it was suppose to say, so that is how i read it. but again, unacceptable. i will say that i am partially blaming it on the blaring of the indian's game in my ear, the dog sitting on my chest, and Him yelling every 4, not 5, minutes asking me if i was done with his computer. so, if you came close to picking up the phone and dialing 911 to send medics over to my house because you though i was having a stroke, i am sorry.

in other news, i found a wedding dress! a few saturdays ago i went to a bridal boutique with my mom, His mom and sister, and two of my friends. the dresses i tried on were beautiful and any bride would look like a princess in them, everyone seemed to ohh and ahh over them, but i wasn't feeling any of them. i just really don't like the bridal look, i want to feel like a bride, but not necessarily look like a bride. get it? anyways, i tried on the  dress below last and ended up liking it the best, but was not convinced. the associate then told me how long it would take to make the dress, leaving me with about 3 weeks to decide if this was it. the pressure scared me, but told her i wanted to think about it.

amazing right?! i did not want white, this color is much darker in person, so it was perfect. i was not liking the strapless...and honestly i did not think it was very flattering on me. above all, it just wasn't me. none of the dresses were me. so, i felt very defeated and afraid that i was going to get stuck wearing a dress that was just too over the top for my taste and no really what i wanted.

then, i found bhldn. everything i saw on their site spoke to me. they have two stores in the world, chicago and HOUSTON! BINGO! i decided to make an appointment. the second i stepped in the store i knew i would find my dress. it was made for me. we were given a private dressing area with gorgeous couches and fixtures. my assistant was wonderful, she made me feel so comfortable. the only problem was i LOVED everything i put on. now, the thing with bhldn and their various designers (who only make dresses to be sold at bhldn) is that they make a very limited amount of each item: dresses, shoes, headpieces, jewelry, ect. meaning, each dress is already made and ready to be bought and shipped to you from their waiting, no fuss. in a way that was a HUGE plus for me, i could pick a dress and think about it for awhile...or not. here's why: with the limited amount of dresses, if i picked a dress that was almost sold out, then i needed to get it that day or it more than likely would be gone. after trying on a bunch of dresses that i knew i had to have, i put on one dress and it was IT. it was everything i wanted in a dress and exactly how i pictured myself getting married. even though i knew it was the one, i still wanted to sleep on it...then the associate said there were two left. welp, i got it! i also added my headpiece and was done and it was perfect. let me tell you that the headpiece might just be my favorite part and the shoes are made of a vintage material and go perfectly with my theme. i could not have asked for a more perfect outfit.

here are a few dresses i tried on that almost made the cut:

Blossoming Weir GownOphelia Dress
Ribboned Silk GownLita Gown
Crepe De Chine Column GownDecorum Dress

if you are a nontraditional bride such as myself and looking for something a little different than the average dress, i would highly suggest taking a look at bhldn. i could not say enough great things about my experience and how wonderful it is to know that there is a place out there for the weirdo people such as myself ;)!